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Checkout Issues

It appears that PayPal are having issues with their checkout systems which is affecting a small number of orders placed through our site. This is leading to checkout not completing and the order not going through.

If you experience this issue you can send a copy of the order you want to place as a note with payment direct to
Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon by PayPal.

New Products

Two new eliquids added this week;

The first is Blueberry Custard Donut and it is just as you’d expect from our donut range with a creamy custard and sweet blueberry filling.

Blueberry Custard Donut 100 ml

The second is Manjoos, a tropical drink bursting with mango and guava.

Manjoos 100 ml

We hope you enjoy them

New Product – Cream Egg

New product available in our store with limited stocks.

Cream egg flavour eliquid.

We don’t need to describe it – you know what it tastes like and the chocolate hits you as soon as you open the bottle.

Only 1 batch made when it’s gone, it’s gone!

UPDATED: 10th March 2017 – They’ve all gone