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New Product – Cream Egg

New product available in our store with limited stocks.

Cream egg flavour eliquid.

We don’t need to describe it – you know what it tastes like and the chocolate hits you as soon as you open the bottle.

Only 1 batch made when it’s gone, it’s gone!

UPDATED: 10th March 2017 – They’ve all gone


Welcome to the new site

Today was not planned to be launch day, nor tomorrow or even next week, but thanks to TicTail pulling the old site out from under us with no notice or explanation we’ve had to run around a bit today to get this one active.

Many thanks to @DefiAye for building the site and @MilneAnimation for the speedy graphics.

We had hoped for a more structured launch; a few testers to make sure any bugs were identified and fixed before opening it up to everyone so short term we ask for your patience and more importantly feedback.

We’ve introduced a registration system which we hope will make ordering easier.