Nicotine Strengths

We make our liquids at a standard 3mg strength. However should you wish a higher strength we can add extra nicotine to the bottle to increase the strength.

If you require this select the appropriate strength from the drop down menu on the item page.

Please note that as this is adding nicotine to a product that has already been mixed and steeped, it may change the flavour a little/impart a slightly chemical taste while the flavours bond to the nicotine. Selecting a higher nicotine strength is at your own risk as we can not accept responsibility or returns if you are unhappy with a product that has had extra nicotine added.

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2 thoughts on “Nicotine Strengths”

  1. Hi, Was interested to see your option of higher nicotine strength eliquid and was wondering if you would think about offering options on pg/vg ratios. I have various set ups including tanks with bought coils more suited to less viscous eliquid. I think this could be a big seller say at 40/60. Anyway, thanks for reading.

    1. We already do. Occasionally we release a flavour in 50-50 mix as a limited edition. We are also working on a small range of 50-50 flavours. However we are limited by time; as there is only 1 of us who does the flavour development, mixing etc, and space.

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