About Us

We’ve been making eliquid since 2015 and our motto has always been ‘the value is inside the bottle’.

We use quality ingredients at a level where the flavour is great. We’ve never been one for using sweetener as that’s a cheap way to increase flavour but kills coils in the process and we don’t like juices that ‘kill coils’. For us it’s not a new thing or a marketing angle. It’s the way we do it, the way we’ve always done it.

We don’t spend big money on fancy bottles or labels as that would increase costs without any tangible benefit – they don’t work any better than our bottles/labels or make the juice taste any better. Also we decided a relatively plain label would be a statement against those in the anti vaping groups who say vaping is marketed at children.

We make small batches and steep them till ready so the eliquid you receive is always relatively fresh. All batches are tested and if it doesn’t taste right it doesn’t get bottled.

Located in the Isle of Man (NOT part of the UK or EU so not subject to TPD or associated regs) we produce artisan eliquids for sale along with selected vaping equipment.

Our postal schedule is Monday – Friday, usually around noon. Therefore orders placed during the afternoon go out the next WORKING day.

We DO NOT work over the weekend. Therefore there is no posting on Saturday or Sunday.

If you require an alternative postal option please contact us.

We aim to get your order to you as fast as we can but remember once it has left us delivery time is down to the carrier.

We espouse a do no harm but take no shit philosophy.

Please read our FAQ page before emailing.